Restaurants Canada Seminar

Want to learn more about how the items for your cafe or restaurant impact the environment? Want to discover ways in which you can change your buying habits to help the planet- and improve your bottom line?

Register for this webinar from Restaurants Canada, taking place Thursday, July 9 at 10 am, by clicking on the link here:

Be sure to check out the Restaurants Canada website, which has a plethora of resources for your cafe, restaurant, deli or food service business.

One-on-One with WorkSafe BC

Join Worksafe BC experts on this webinar posted by your Chamber of Commerce network tomorrow at 9:30 am. Ask your industry specific questions, share your concerns and provide feedback to Worksafe BC, and get started on your re-opening, right!

Register at the link below to ensure you have a seat at this important webinar!


Many thanks to the Kelowna Chamber and all the other Chambers in the #OkWeGotThis association.

Leadership & Management for May

Our monthly Leadership& Management Seminar (web version) takes place Monday, May 11 from (9:30 am to 10:30am). Our second seminar, it features University of Sydney Psychology & Philosophy graduate Serena Summers. Her background in world religions as they pertain to psychology, with her own personal story of triumph over adversities, will make for a thoughtful, inspiring and uplifting seminar!

Topics include how to manage your own feelings during a crisis, how to lead others (when you don’t feel like leading yourself) & how to change approaches without changing your focus.


Contact us today at to reserve your seat!

Thanks to #OkWeGotThis for helping our monthly seminars reach an even wider audience of business owners and entrepreneurs!

Webinar with Mel Arnold, MP

This week, Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce members are invited to attend an online meeting with MP Mel Arnold. Many thanks to the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce for making this webinar happen!

This meeting will take place on April 30, at 2:30. Please contact the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce to get your link to the webinar- we would love for many of our members to attend!

You can let us know you’d like a ‘seat’ at the webinar at or by calling the General Manager’s cell at 250-803-3824.


Important Information for Employers

As part of the ongoing cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures, we are pleased to announce another informative webinar, this one featuring Kelsey Wheelhouse, a litigation lawyer from Davidson Lawyers with extensive understanding of employment, labour and human rights law, and Community Futures’ representatives.

Learn about what you as an employer can and should do in these unusual times.

Join “What You Need To Know As An Employer During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

April 16, 2020
11 am – 12 pm
by clicking this link:

Contracting and Builders’ Webinars – Tomorrow!

If you have questions and concerns about the contracting or building market in this difficult time, be sure you visit the Independent Contractors and Builders Association and sign up for one of their webinars.


Registration is mandatory, however you can visit the link below to sign up for their webinars, which are located at the bottom right of the screen: