Public Art with Teeth!

Look for the absolutely stunning spirit bear mural now taking shape outside the east side of Red Apple in downtown Enderby!

Thanks to the Enderby & District Arts Council, artist Todd MacCormac and, of course, the owners of Red Apple’s building, for bringing this lovely piece of art to our town. It will make a great guardian of the bridge, and a stunning welcome to Enderby from the Mabel Lake road.

Thanks to the BC Arts Council for its public art funding – the BCAC is an invaluable resource for communities in their arts activities!

In addition, member business MacGregor Logistics Ltd is filming the creation of the mural and making a documentary featuring artist, EDAC and local interviews about the creation of the piece, which will be coming in August 2020.

Check out the progress on the mural throughout the weekend, and enjoy the art on our Red Apple shop for years to come.

The EDCC Goes to the Legislative Assembly

… virtually, that is. Many thanks to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, and to Mr. Bob D’Eith the Chair of the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, for continuing with their work in an online forum.

Clyde MacGregor, General Manager of the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce, attended the hearing on June 2nd, 2020, delivering a series of requests for funding consideration the the Legislature. These included:

  • increased internet connectivity for rural areas and internet support for business
  • increased training, pivoting training and flexibility of e-learning for all forms of ticketing and learning throughout British Columbia, to assist with worker education and upgrading
  • increased support for trades and technology skills training for workers, to support British Columbia businesses, with a focus on increasing these jobs in rural areas
  • support for local micro-business and sole proprietorships, including support for worker absence wage subsidies, micro-grants for business and rebates and support for re-opening and further closures as they may occur.

You can listen to the audio file of the hearing here:

You can also read the transcript of the meeting here.


Many thanks to Robin Cardew from the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce and Aaron Mannella from Williams Lake, representing the Williams Lake Indian Band, for their thoughtful and insightful presentations.


#EDCC, #GVCC, #OkWeGotThis

Representing Your Local Interests

Your Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is hard at work representing the interests of businesses and workers in our region.

Today, General Manager Clyde MacGregor is presenting his requests for funding before the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, via Zoom, at the BC Legislature. His requests will include specific assistance for micro-business and sole proprietorships who have not yet qualified for funding, grants as well as loans, improved re-training and pivoting with a focus on remote, at your own pace learning to accommodate workers, and increased internet connectivity to facilitate rural economic development and communication.

You can watch the hearings all day at the link below; the EDCC speaks at 9:10 AM. A recording will be posted later on YouTube.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Gets PM’s Nod

In his daily address today, Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged the importance of the Chamber of Commerce network in supporting, sustaining and revitalizing small and medium businesses in Canada. He thanked the Canadian Chamber of Commerce for working closely with the Federal Government in helping to develop its business assistance plan, called the Canadian Business Resilience Network.

You can hear Justin Trudeau’s nod to the Chambers of Commerce, and their essential services to the Canadian economy, here (go to 9:30):

In addition, you can learn about the Canadian Business Resilience Network- here:

As always, The Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is here to help you in this time of crisis, with the latest resources gathered on our web pages, a wealth of networking assistance and advantages, and personal crisis management via our Chamber Board and General Manager. If you need assistance, contact us as or call 250-803-3824 today.