Restaurants Canada Seminar

Want to learn more about how the items for your cafe or restaurant impact the environment? Want to discover ways in which you can change your buying habits to help the planet- and improve your bottom line?

Register for this webinar from Restaurants Canada, taking place Thursday, July 9 at 10 am, by clicking on the link here:

Be sure to check out the Restaurants Canada website, which has a plethora of resources for your cafe, restaurant, deli or food service business.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Gets PM’s Nod

In his daily address today, Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged the importance of the Chamber of Commerce network in supporting, sustaining and revitalizing small and medium businesses in Canada. He thanked the Canadian Chamber of Commerce for working closely with the Federal Government in helping to develop its business assistance plan, called the Canadian Business Resilience Network.

You can hear Justin Trudeau’s nod to the Chambers of Commerce, and their essential services to the Canadian economy, here (go to 9:30):

In addition, you can learn about the Canadian Business Resilience Network- here:

As always, The Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is here to help you in this time of crisis, with the latest resources gathered on our web pages, a wealth of networking assistance and advantages, and personal crisis management via our Chamber Board and General Manager. If you need assistance, contact us as or call 250-803-3824 today.