Member Business Showcase: Meyer Print Graphics

At such a challenging time, businesses need to re-invent their approach to connecting with their customers. Without the ability to showcase your service, your products or even have that simplest of human contact- the handshake- business owners must rely on media to remind their customers of what they can offer.

Whether online media or printed matter, the single best thing that can catch a customer’s eye is design- a proper and appealing display of color, proportion and text. The right design can re-invigorate, or sustain, your business through any downturn. It can make the difference between success and failure of any promotional campaign.

While it is possible to provide these services with your own computer, printer and paint program, it is often a better investment of time, energy and resources to assign design and printing to a professional. After all, one wouldn’t expect a passenger on a commercial vehicle to get out and fix the issue- why should a business owner, whose skills and passions are best expressed in the work they do, have to do the same with a campaign that is integral to their business success?

This is where local Enderby business, Meyer Print Graphics, comes into play. Yvonne Meyer has created a multitude of eye-catching, brilliantly designed logos, business frontages, ad campaigns and print matter for businesses throughout the world… but her passion is creating them for Enderby and region.

“I like to really connect with my client,” she explains. “Understand why they are wanting to promote what they do… what it means to them, then come up with a logo that really makes that ‘pop’.”

And pop! is the right word. MPG’s logos are brilliantly proportioned, modern and versatile- suitable for internet browser tabs, business cards, large banners, t-shirts and any other branding you might imagine.

In addition, Yvonne has created award-winning advertising brochures for companies like Cummins, and world-reknown arts and culture festivals. These brochures and adverts tie in the logos and design she creates for her clients and, as her website announces, builds on it, to create cohesive, memorable ads, menus, flyers, brochures and more.

MPG provides a complete range of printed materials, available quickly and at reasonable prices. Graphic design starts at $45 per hour, with discounts for Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce members.

Take a look at MPG’s fabulously colorful, diverse portfolio, and contact Yvonne Meyer today to get your ad campaign, leaflets and redesign underway today.


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