Give Back to Guardian Pharmacy

Everyone in Enderby and area is familiar with the friendly, helpful crew at Guardian Pharmacy.

Located on the corner of Cliff St. and Belvidere since the first days of Enderby’s inception,

this iconic pharmacy has provided dedicated health care for our citizens for decades.


It’s our opportunity as citizens who have had such a resource in our community to give back to it.

In order to  keep the workers- who are our neighbours, our friends and our family- safe from undue

risk, we can protect them by managing how we use Guardian Pharmacy over the next few weeks.


Please, only visit the pharmacy if you have essential needs.

If you need any medication, whether prescription or over the counter, essential purchases for your household

or necessary parcels, then visit the pharmacy during reduced hours… but be aware that only 5 people are

allowed in at any given time. If you do have to wait in line, then make sure that you keep six feet of space between

you and your fellow line mates. Wear any protection that you can, and feel free to phone ahead to make certain

what you need is available, or ready for you.


For now, mail is still available to go in and out, but please be brief and try not to linger to speak with people

inside… and always, keep your distance in mind.

It’s a great wrench- most of us meet and chat with our friends and neighbours in the cheery aisles of Guardian

Pharmacy. It’s our local newsagents’, as well as a source for medicine, grocery and gift. However, in order

to take care of the pharmacy’s workers the way they have taken care of us every day, we must refrain.


Be safe in and out, and remember, there is limited access for now to protect all of us who

have to venture out to get essentials at Guardian Pharmacy. More importantly, let us respect the limited

access, the social distance guidelines and using the Pharmacy only for necessities most of all for the sake

of the workers, who are continuing to serve our community as they have for many years.


Let’s make sure we have many more years of great community and great service from our local Pharmacy.


Hours are Monday to Friday, 9-5 pm, with a limit of 5 people in the store at any given time.

Guardian Pharmacy is working on expanded delivery options for prescriptions and other goods. Do check back

here for the latest updates.


As always, feel free to call Guardian Pharmacy at 250-838-6469 for clarification.

Thank you,

Clyde MacGregor,

General Manager, Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce.