EDCC Completes its AGM Attendance

The Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce represented its member businesses and expanding business network at the Britich Columbia Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting on May 22 and 23, 2020. This virtual meeting- the first of its scope and kind for the network- had keynote speakers Premier John Horgan, Finance Minister Carole James, speakers from RioTinto, LNG Canada and other organizations. The Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce was pleased to hear of the resolution and dedication on the part of governmental and business leaders to commit to a speedy and equitable recovery for the province of BC.

In addition, the AGM featured policy development. The Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce was an outspoken advocate for its region at this official policy resolution voting, standing up for sensible energy policy, real estate and ALR development, support of hobby farmers and small agri-business, tourism support through the provincial government’s tax initiatives, responsible and improved softwood lumber, stumpage and logging regulations, development of diverse adult education for skills retraining and further recognition of the importance of small businesses and rural areas to the health of the British Columbian economy.

Your Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is committed to speaking for its local member businesses and the citizens who gain so much by having a vibrant local economy. We will continue to work with the BC Chamber of Commerce in the coming year to further enhance, refine and develop recovery strategies for our region- and we encourage local businesses, sole proprietorships and micro business to contact us with their needs so we can continue to represent our region with dedication.

Clyde MacGregor

General Manager,


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