Curling Registration


$35.00 off First-time Curlers who join a full-time league

1st League – Full Price 2nd League – 15% off (-$191.00) 3rd & More League Free Max for 2 or More Leagues $416.00

Membership fees include CurlBC Affiliation Dues, Insurance and $10.00 toward a Curling Contingency Fund.

Arrive October 9 and/or 10 to pay for your league costs, fees, get a refreshment and learn about the season!


Registration is at 1065 Kate St, Enderby, BC.


NOTE: All league fees are due October 30, 2020, after which time a $25.00 penalty will be applied.

Please read the Curling Club’s Waiver form at before curling!

Fees & Dues *
League Memberships (Pick All You Wish to Attend)
Locker Rental $25.00
I have read and understood the Enderby & District Curling Club's Waiver Form: