What’s that- A Virtual Canada Day Pet Parade?!

If we’re offering prizes to you for dressing up in costumes, we’ve got to offer something for your family pets, too!

Announcing our Virtual Canada Day Pet Parade – dress up your beloved fur babies in Canada Day garb or historic costume, and win some great prizes of Enderbucks and pet treats from Tiny’s Bones & Scones, our local homemade pet treat crafter!

Let this utterly adorable gallery of pet costumes inspire you- and though doggies seem to be the most photogenic and cos-play oriented, the contest isn’t just limited to our canine friends!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Create your pet’s safe, gorgeous costume.
  2. Take a photo or short video (30 seconds or less) of them in their outfit, doing whatever tricks might suit the costume (or just looking fabulous)
  3. Upload these to our Virtual Canada Day page or email to info@enderbychamber.com

If you aren’t comfortable with uploading your videos or photos, but don’t mind them being on the internet, then phone us at 250-838-6727 ext 3 and we can set up a time to take photos and upload for you!

Prize Winners will be announced on our Virtual Canada Day Facebook page July 1st!


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