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During this morning’s address (March 30/2020) to the country, Prime Minister Trudeau offered more important details on the Government of Canada’s Emergency Wage Subsidy that was first announced on Friday of last week.

The following eligibility parameters and details were announced:

  • Businesses that can show that their revenues have decreased at least 30% since the start of the pandemic will be eligible for the 75% wage subsidy.
  • The assessment of the 30% revenue drop will be done after the fact. If the drop was actually not this low, the company will have to repay.
  • The number of employees a company has will not determine eligibility.
  • The subsidy will apply to non-profit and charities, as well as companies that are both big and small (no cap).
  • The government will cover up to 75% of the first $58,700 that employees earn. That means up to approximately $847 a week. This will be backdated to March 15.
  • The subsidy will be a direct payment to the company so they can pay employees.

The Prime Minister indicated that there will be additional background documents and details coming tomorrow, including the estimated fiscal cost of the new program, from both the Minister of Finance and Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade.

In his remarks after announcing the new details of the Emergency Wage Subsidy, the Prime Minister also made very clear that any businesses that seek to take advantage of the new program, or game it, will face strict consequences – expect those details tomorrow as well. He also noted that should employers be able to cover the additional 25% of salaries not covered by the subsidy, they should pay their employees that difference.

Global will be covering tomorrow’s press conference with the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade and will be sure to provide further details on the Emergency Wage Subsidy as they become even clear.

Thanks to Holly Cowan in MLA Greg Kyllo’s office for this concise overview of current events.


As events continue to progress with the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses large and small are struggling with the reality of the human element of commerce. No matter how you conduct your business affairs- shopfront, online, remote or portable- business runs off of human interaction. It is therefore on the minds of Chamber members throughout the world how we respect the gravity of the global situation while still trying to survive financially.

No Chamber of Commerce will mandate or even make declarations attempting to guide- or enforce- a code of behaviour or practices for business. Having said that, the mission of the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is to provide helps, aids and resources for businesses. To that end and effect, we have gathered a page of links to currently updated, official government and international organizations with regulations, best practices, definitions and guidelines.

In order to respect all human life while conducting business, we recommend that business owners read over these guidelines and decide for themselves the best and most attainable mixture of work-at-home, social distancing, reduced hours, changes of service and good provision and other measures to suit their situation. Whether it’s taking out a few tables (and possibly running the risk of earning less in the short term) by offering to customers social distancing at a cafe or restaurant, or providing technology to allow workers to telecommute, or even reducing broad contacts with carefully instructed and protected delivery agents, well-considered action of some kind may be necessary for good business practice.

No matter what course of action a business takes, education is key. From taking time to go over PPE and sanitation best practices, to deciding on a business plan for your company, facts, policies, guidelines and information are key

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Best Overall Source of Business-Related Links:

Being Prepared – Health Canada Best Practices for Communities and Business

***UPDATED*** Travel advisories for business travellers. Updated by the Government of Canada

WHO Guidelines for Business-  Preparing the Workplace for Protection

BC Centers for Disease Control Information

***UPDATED***   BC Economic Development Association Best Practices

BC Economic Development Association Tips for Workers and Employers

*** UPDATED***Information for Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed from BDC

Emergency Management BC‘s Guides for Small Business, Tourism and Other Business Operations

Destination BC has provided a set of guidelines for best practices

***UPDATED***Visit the community-generated links page for information from local regions, Chambers of Commerce and organizations on resources to assist your Southern Interior Business in this time at



Phone Numbers:

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Province of BC

Service BC: 250-832-1611

Inquiry BC: 800-663-7867

MLA Greg Kyllo: 250-833-7414


Government of Canada

Service Canada: 1-800-667-3355

MP Mel Arnold: 250-260-5020

***UPDATED*** CERB Benefits Page will be available on April 6. It is advisable to go to CRA website and create an account with direct deposit and upload all pertinent paperwork before this date, to expedite support payement receipt.

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Provincial & Federal Website for Small Business:

***UPDATED***Links download to assistance from BC Government:

  • Small Business:

  • Children & Families:


Provincial & Federal Government Websites and Resources:

Be sure to tune in for the Prime Minister’s address, broadcast daily on CBC and available for streaming from YouTube.


Guides for Applying for EI, Benefits and Emergency Worker Fund Access


Income Tax Dealine Extended to June 1


Mortgages Deferred, Articles with useful links from Canadian news agencies and the Federal Government:


Canadian Chamber of Commerce Guides for Businesses

Federal Trade Commissioner Website for Canadian Businesses Affected

Travel Health Notices for business travelers.

WHO Guidelines for Business-  Preparing the Workplace for Protection

BC Centers for Disease Control Information

BC Economic Development Association Best Practices

BC Economic Development Association Tips for Workers and Employers

Information for Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed from BDC

Emergency Management BC‘s Guides for Small Business, Tourism and Other Business Operations


The Provincial Government (BC) has daily live-stream briefings from Tuesday to Friday as events unfold. You can find these on major news broadcasters like Global, and watch them on Youtube. I haven’t included the link, as the broadcasts change daily.

PDFs from EMBC and other Governmental Organizations Regarding Business Strategies for Coping with COVID-19


Terms & History of the Outbreak Situation

Social Distancing




Remote Work


From– an interesting and properly-researched piece on the history of COVID-19 with suggestions on what can be done as it moves into new areas

The Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce is a part of the BC Chambers of Commerce Ass’n, who is working closely with Federal and Provincial agencies to create policy and measures to support and protect businesses during this event. Please feel free to contact us at with any changes, difficulties or input you may have for such agencies at this time, and we will forward it to the proper channels. Together, our voices can help create policy that protects businesses, workers and communities’ livelihoods during this time and beyond.