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May 24 2009

Iron Chef Enderby - May 24 2009Congratulations to the victor of Iron Chef Enderby, Jeff Kinney of the Mabel Lake Golf & Country Club.

Iron Chef Kinney impressed the judges with his use of the secret ingredient, mango, in order to create a tantalizing three course meal.

Iron Chef Jeff's winning meal was:

  • Mango & Green Chilli Lobster Medallions With baby green spring salad, Mango vinaigrette and green chilli oil drizzle
  • Mango & Cilantro Stuffed Breast of Chicken Roasted with a cumin crust. Served over curried Mango and coconut risotto. With coconut-Mango puree, red chilli oil drizzle and broiled local Asparagus.
  • Mango & Macadamia Nut Ice-Cream with Brulee of Mango Served with red chilli-raspberry coulis and mini Mango phyllo turnover

Based on the Japanese culinary cult sensation, Iron Chef Enderby brings the hallowed legend of Kitchen Stadium to our community.

In a battle of creativity, wit and taste, four local chefs summoned their utmost power.  It required a sharp knife and a sharp mind to surmount a formidable opposition, as well as that most threatening of foes - the clock.

There were four competitors in Iron Chef Enderby 2009.  They are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Cliffs Cafe & Bistro - Chef Adam Potts
  • Lorenzo's Cafe - Chef Tundra Baird
  • Mabel Lake Golf Country Club - Chef Jeff Kinney
  • Paddlewheeler Pub - Chef Cyndi Anker

Each chef was paired with a sous-chef from the A.L. Fortune cooking program.  Together, they had one hour to concoct a meal featuring a secret ingredient.Chef Jeff

This competition was broadcast live into the A.L. Fortune Secondary School auditorium, which accommodated 115 cheering fans. 

Entrance was by donation at the door, with all proceeds going to a scholarship for an A.L. Fortune grad who is pursuing a career in the culinary arts.  The total value of the scholarship is $675.

Congratulations to Enderby's first Iron Chef, Jeff Kinney.  He reigned supreme in Battle: Mango.  With an open heart and full stomach....allez cuisine!

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With thanks to A.L. Fortune for hosting this event, helping with the live broadcast, and connecting us with talented sous-chefs and technical volunteers!